Save Aarey group to host film fest for saving the environment

Jun 07, 2015, 08:15 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

On July 12, the Save Aarey Milk Colony movement will organise a day-long film festival to spread awareness on the need to save the environment

In order to garner more public support for the Save Aarey Milk Colony movement and create more public pressure to save the last surviving green lungs of Mumbai, the Save Aarey Milk Colony group has organised a day-long film festival in Aarey on July 12.

Environment-related films on various topics will be screened and related focused discussions by naturalists will be held after the screening of each film.

The main reason why the event has been planned is because the Save Aarey group wants to garner more support for the cause, which wants to protect the biodiversity of Aarey Milk Colony, one of the last surviving green lungs of Mumbai.

Subhash Rane from Save AMC group said, “We want more and more people to come to the event where we will be screening short films and documentaries related to the environment. We want to educate people through films about why it is important to conserve the environment.”

The films that will be screened during the event include the documentary, Leopards: 21st Century Cats. Dr Vidya Athreya from the Wildlife Conservation Society will deliver an introduction to the film and will also answer questions from the audience. The other films that will be screened during the event will cover topics like birds of Mumbai, mammals, biodiversity of the city and Aarey in particular, along with their related subject.

The duration of the films would range from 1 minute to 1 hour and will be in three languages: English, Marathi and Hindi. The event is scheduled to take place on July 12 at the New Zealand hostel at Aarey Milk Colony. Many experts from the field of environment and wildlife are expected to be a part of the event.

The new Aarey Milk Colony CEO, Gajanan Raut, who has been pro-environment in his approach, will be the chief guest for the program.

The event will be co-organised by Paryavaran Dakshada Manch (an NGO) and should attract schoolchildren, adults, environmentalists, nature lovers and new followers of the cause.

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