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Mar 22, 2013, 01:23 IST | Kanika Sharma

What will you do this World Water Day? The GUIDE shares a few facts about water, which matter to us and the fact that only we can be the agent of change, starting today

Present Tense

90 litres is the per capita consumption of a Mumbaikar!

Drinking purpose: daily 5-6 litres
Cooking: 5-6 litres
Toilet: 10-12 litres
Washing Cloths: 30-35 litres
Personal Hygiene: 20 litres
Other Purposes: 20 litres

Future Perfect

How Mumbai goes down the drain

1) Leaking taps are not only a mess but a major source of water wastage. Approximately 900 million litres of water is lost to these leakages and theft.
2) 60 litres of water is wasted when you brush your teeth for five minutes with an open tap.
3) 180 litres of water is consumed for a 15-minute shower. Also 150 to 200 litres of water is used for a dip in a bathtub.
4) Every time you flush on your visit to the toilet, anything between 10-15 litres of water is lost.
5) You end up spending as much as 80 litres of water while washing your car with a spray or a hose.

How Mumbai can change it

1)You can save about 12 litres of water in a day minus the nuisance of leaky taps. Always close the taps properly or get it immediately repaired.
2) A mug of water can do the same job of brushing your teeth.
3) Astonishingly, a bucket of water uses only 1/10th of the water used through shower and bathtub i.e. 15-20 litres only.
4) Put a brick or a filled water bottle in the flush tank. It is handy and an extremely efficient way to save 1.5 litre of water with every flush.
5) A mere bucket of water or even a wet cloth can do the same job and you will end up using only 10 litres of this exhaustible resource.

Source: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) records

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