Save the girl child, say mandals

Aug 11, 2012, 07:02 IST | A correspondent

The Shivsamarth Pratishthan in Nerul has used the festival of dahi handi to spread awareness against female foeticide. A box was attached to the dahi handi displaying pictures of the girl child, and messages urging people to stop female foeticide.

The group uses the occasion of dahi handi festival to spread awareness about burning issues every year. The box also displayed messages denouncing the menace. 

Human Pyramid
‘Rise’ and shine: From waking up bleary-eyed, being groomed by his doting mom, to scaling the wobbly heights of a human pyramid, it’s all in a day’s work for little Kushal. Pics/ Atul Kamble

Santosh More of Shivsamarth Pratishthan group said, “We have found that the issue of female foeticide is a matter of major concern, and was highlighted in the media a few months back.

However, it seems that the issue has lost its significance in the last few days. So we decided to raise this issue through this festival to keep it alive in the public mind.

We have been making announcements about the disastrous consequences of female foeticide. Also, we are asking the govinda pathaks (groups) to pledge against female foeticide.”

In addition to the box, a banner was also hung near the handi, warning people against the act. Last year, the same group raised awareness about tobacco addiction. 

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