Save the lion king

Jun 06, 2013, 04:54 IST | Soma Das

Frog Cafe is hosting a video screening of The Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary � South Africa, followed by a discussion, this weekend. It documents the efforts of animal behaviourist Kevin Richardson in conserving the lion, a depleting species around the world

Frog Cafe at Tribal Route is screening a video film about The Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary at South Africa that highlights the contribution of animal researcher Kevin Richardson, who is working towards creating awareness about lions.

A still from the film 

A discussion on the facts and figures about the threat to the species in Africa and the world will follow. Ex-volunteer Amrita Singh will share her experiences as a volunteer and answer queries on what to expect, and the dos and don’ts at this sanctuary.

Amrita Singh at The Kingdom Sanctuary

“The event is aimed at animal lovers who are interested in volunteering opportunities and learning about conservation and enrichment of wildlife. The idea is to create a window for people who want to contribute towards wildlife enrichment, but don’t know or aren’t aware of how to go about it. It gives a real picture of the hard work behind this activity and creates awareness about the perils that wildlife faces from human counterparts,” says Nihar Mehta, owner of Frog Cafe, a non-commercial culture and creative platform.

Apart from showcasing videos and photographs of the team at the Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary, the event will focus on the team’s relationships with the predators and how Richardson has been included in their clan. Frog Cafe has already hosted two such meet-ups earlier on travelling to Ladakh and on road trips. Watch out for upcoming sessions on enameling jewellery, hula-hooping and a wellness workshop.

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