Save sparrows: A home for the house sparrow

Mar 20, 2015, 08:09 IST | The Guide Team

On World Sparrow Day, take a pledge to play your part in saving the house sparrows, now on the verge of extinction

The tiny house sparrow that was once a common sight in our cities are now under threat due to urbanisation. March 20 is celebrated globally as World Sparrow Day to make people aware of the importance of the once-invincible birds. With this in mind, the city’s animal and bird lovers are doing their bit to help increase the survival chances of the house sparrows. Do you wish to participate in activities and thus, play a role in saving these humble house sparrows? Here are a few activities that you can sign up for:

bird house

Let’s feed the birds
One of the main reasons for the falling number of house sparrows in cities like Mumbai is the loss of their natural habitat as well as the scarcity of food and water sources. Hence, a city-based group, Animals Matter To Me, will be distributing sparrow homes and bird feeders across the city. These sparrow homes provide a safe haven for the birds and offer provisions for water and food. If you would like to buy such homes, send an email to the founder, Ganesh Nayak.


Sparrow slideshow from across the globe
Listen to Mohammed Dilawar, president, Nature Forever Society, as he shares insights on the importance of sparrows for the environment as well as view the photographs of sparrows from around the world as part of a special photo exhibition-cum-photo award ceremony.
On: Today, 4.30 pm onwards
At: Maharashtra Nature Park, Mahim

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