Saving our li'€™l ones

Aug 16, 2015, 06:37 IST | Ananya Ghosh

Playing nine roles in one act, Lushin Dubey takes on the issue of India’s alarming child mortality rate

Delhi-based theatre artiste Lushin Dubey is known to take up subjects that make the audience reflect, if not get uneasy. I Will Not Cry is no different. First staged in 2011, the play supports international NGO, Save the Children’s initiative to raise awareness about child rights and address the problem of child mortality in India and globally. Ace Productions brings the critically acclaimed play directed by Arvind Gaur back to the city.

Excerpts from an interview with Dubey:

Q. How did the collaboration with Arvind Gaur and Save the Children come about?
A. Save The Children approached me to stage a solo on infant mortality. I had already worked with Arvindji on two previous solos, and we share a great working equation. He offers
me immense independence as a solo artiste.

Q. You play nine different characters. How tough is it to switch between them?
A. It is tough to get under the skin of one character, and suddenly shift gears. Often, roles are diverse in characterisation, age, voice, mannerisms and gender. The most difficult role was that of a nine-year-old chaiwallah, which I have to switch to from a middle-aged-woman in under a minute.

Q. According to a UNICEF report, the Infant Mortality Rate in India has dropped. What according to you keeps the play relevant?
A. The respect for life, or the lack of it, needs to be constantly addressed. I hope my piece, through its genuine intent, continues to contribute towards this change.

Where: Sophia Auditorium, Sophia College Campus, Breach Candy
When: August 21, 8 pm
Call: 23532380

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