Savour Andheri pizzeria Kkrust's home-delivered wood-fired pizzas

Jul 28, 2013, 06:10 IST | Dhiman Chattopadhyay

Wood-fired pizzas anyone? Kkrust, the new pizzeria in Andheri, claims to be the first in Mumbai to home-deliver wood-fired pizzas. So we ordered two pizzas on a rainy Sunday. The outcome? Read on

We resisted for a few weeks before finally giving in. Kkrust, the new pizzeria in town started by Tarun K Lal, a former chef with the Taj Group of Hotels, has just launched their home delivery service and frankly, we are curious to know how wood fired pizzas would fare if they traveled for 30 minutes. So on a breezy and relatively less wet afternoon we order home an 11-inch Chicken Vara (Rs 425) and an 11-inch vegetarian Mushroom Trifolati (Rs 500).

Norwegian Salmon Wood-fire Pizza at Kkrust

The first thing that strikes me is that the vegetarian pizza costs more than the chicken pizza. Gaurav, who has driven down to deliver the pizzas, gives me a lowdown on the pizzas and confuses me a bit when he hands over what looks like four tiny capsules of rum and whisky! Turns out they are balsamic oil and olive oil samples, to be used on the pizzas. We are impressed.

Kkrust also has a whole lot of exotic pizzas such as the Norwegian Smoked Salmon and the Spanish Chorizo pizza or the Dutch pepperoni, but we stick to the basics as we have a cousin’s get together and the kids are over as well.

The Trifolati (Black Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms and button mushrooms tossed in olive oil with Garlic and herbs, Mozarella, and Feta) is a hit with the older generation and is over in no time. Some pair it with beer, others with green tea! But the Vara (Chipotle chilli marinated oven roasted chicken, chilli flakes, sliced onion, mozzarella) is a bit too hot for the juniors. The adults find it cool though and in 30 minutes flat, the pizzas are over. The only complaint: they are not thin crust! Most evolved diners will swear by thin crust these days and this is something Kkrust will have to think through quickly. If you leave the crust bit out, Kkrust does a decent job. Even after an hour the pizzas are soft and cheesy.

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