Savour your shots at He Said She Said

Jan 26, 2014, 09:18 IST | Phorum Dalal

Do you cringe while gulping a shot? Mumbai’s first shot bar, He Said She Said, changes that with 40 options of flavourful potions

First, the face crumples, bracing the taste buds for the bitter liquid. Once you’ve gulped the shot, the burning sensation in your gut lingers as you bite into a lemon to mellow the taste. No one really enjoys shots. It is the after-effect that matters.

Why should one have to go through the untasteful process at all? Thank heavens, the owners of He Said She Said decided to find a solution to this question when they launched in Delhi less than a year ago. Last month, they opened doors in an otherwise gloomy lane at Veera Desai Road.

When I first enter the premise, it feels like I have stepped into Noddy’s land as I spot toyland interiors with its colourful wooden panels on the bar, casual seatings of high stools, chairs and comfortable sofa tables. You can leave your gadgets behind, there’s blackboard and chalk to scribble (read fidget) with.

The Olive Cheesy Parcels have a filling of creamy Philadelphia cheese

While co-owner Kuber Sarup has filled us in with the story of how it started, our first shots — I Clove You (Rs 189) and El Mariacha (Rs 249) — are placed before us. “I beg you, in one gulp,” he urges, as we expect the same lousy taste of having it neat. Surprise, surprise. The first shot is smooth, tasty even as the sweet taste of clove and sugar mellows the harsh taste of whisky. Cynical single malt lovers, give this one a try!

He Said She Said offers free wi-fi. The Happy hours, from Sunday to Thursday, are on till 11 pm

The latter is a Vodka-infused fruity shot, with a strong hint of kiwi. Warning: 25-30 ml of these shots is absolute alcohol. You don’t want to go overboard. Warmed up, we dig into a plate of Pepper and Olive Cheesy Parcels (Rs 300), which has a filling of olives and creamy, Philedelphia cheese. It’s perfect for every weather and we’re sure you’ll whip up enough reasons to cheat on your diet. Next, we try Chai Maila (Rs 150) shot, a mix of caramel, whisky with a cinnamon stick. This is what we call a bittersweet experience.

The fieriest of the lot, we are served Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Rs 199) which is green chillies muddled with castor sugar and pepper vodka. Not for the weak-hearted is all we can say. For finger foods, we suggest you try the Chicken in Oyster Sauce (Rs 195) and the Okra Fingers (Rs 120). The Wok Tossed Cottage Cheese and Lemongrass (Rs 195) was flavourful but the cubes were too rubbery. We’ll pass this one.

To end the day’s liquid diet, and pamper our palates after last fiery shot, Coco Chanel (Rs 199), a dark rum infused with sinful chocolate is just what we needed. We love He Said She Said for its casual vibe, fun ambiance and most of all, for changing how we will savour our shots.

We cannot rate the experience as it was a preview

Service: Warm
Ambience: Colourful
Drinks: Out of the box
At: Remi BizCourt, behind Yash Raj Studios, Veera Desai Road, Andheri West
Call: 30932030

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