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Feb 27, 2015, 08:21 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Three questions with Gianni Denitto, Italian saxophone artiste

Q. How have you designed your masterclass on saxophone and Jazz music at The True School of Music?
A. This is my first masterclass in Mumbai and I’m very excited. I’ve conducted a couple of masterclasses in Delhi. Indian musicians and music lovers are usually very interested in my way of teaching improvisation, how to create good solos and how to play this music in different combinations. My masterclass is not only about the saxophone, but other Jazz instruments as well. I try to make it easy, explaining how to create solos in a very simple way. I try to jam with my students because having fun is the most important thing while learning.

Gianni Denitto
Gianni Denitto

Q. Apart from Jazz, does saxophone find relevance in any other genres of music?
A. Yes, the saxophone is also used in Funk music, Western Classical (post 1890), World music, for instance in East European, musician Frank Zappa used it in Rock, as well as Reggae. But you could put the saxophone in all kinds of music. I know of some Indian classical performers who use the saxophone too; it’s amazing.

Q. How can Jazz stay relevant vis-a-vis newer genres of music that appeal to younger generations?
A. Jazz can be mixed with all kinds of music and it’s important to make it in a modern way. Have you heard of (American Jazz pianist) Robert Glasper or (Fusion band) Snarky Puppy? It’s modern Jazz. I loved old Jazz as well, but I think that people could approach this music step by step, first finding something close to their taste, something they can really understand and feel, and then discover the past. Jazz has 100 years of history already. My solo performances, for example, mix Jazz and Electronic Music.

On: Today, 7 pm to 9 pm
At: The True School of Music, 107, Sun Mills Compound, Lower Parel.
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