Say Hola to Hula!

Aug 02, 2012, 11:22 IST | Dhara Vora

Who doesn't like being fit and toned?

But while you may spend thousands enthusiastically and sign up for the local gym, the daily drudgery soon catches up and you end up quitting and hitting the stairs to get toned. Of late, the city has witnessed several new methods to get into shape that promise you a fit body and lots of fun along the way.

It includes Zumba (my favourite), open-air workouts and a host of other workout regimes that mix dance with exercise. The reason why I love these forms of exercise is that rather than just pumping iron like a robot, with music playing in the background, these routines include music as the core element of the workout. Another such session you can sign up for is Hoopnotism by Swati Shah. It is a 45-minute cardio dance programme done using a hula hoop. The session includes waist conditioning, hand and waist coordination techniques and even dance moves. Do the Hula, we say!

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