Scared robbers killed Kawatra by accident

Sep 22, 2012, 07:07 IST | Shiva Devnath

Trio only meant to rob the photographer, but had to smother him when he started screaming for help; the three youngsters then ran from the spot and hid in their homes

It has emerged that after killing 65-year-old Navraj Kawatra, his murderers were so terrified that they locked themselves in their respective homes. They had committed the crime unintentionally, while attempting to silence his cries for help (‘60 calls to Borivli on day of crime helps cops nab Kawatra’s killers,’ MiD DAY, September 21)

Navraj Kawatra

The MHB police officers on Wednesday night arrested four youths, including a woman, for plotting and killing Kawatra in his Borivli apartment last Friday. The accused, identified as Vipul Bose (24), his friend Gaurang Kale (21) and another 17-year-old accomplice have revealed to the police that they were constantly in touch with the fourth accused Savita Gupta (21) over the phone. Savita, Vipul’s girlfriend, had often posed for Kawatra, and it was she who had given them wind of Kawatra’s wealth. “We got scared when Kawatra started shouting. If he hadn’t screamed, we would have left from his house without harming him,” said Vipul in his statement to the police.

“I was in touch with Savita the whole time. Even when Gaurang smothered Kawatra, I was talking to her. When Kawatra died in front of us, I told Savita, and she told us to flee,” he added.

An investigating officer said, “When we called Savita a day after the murder for questioning, she was very cooperative and answered all our questions. But she did not reveal anything.”

In her statement to the police, Savita said that Kawatra used to flaunt his cash and keep bundles of notes in a bag in his home, in full view of visitors. “Kawatra used to help me with money and since I had seen bundles of money in his house I knew that we would be able to extract Rs 50,000 from him at any given point,” she said. 

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