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Aug 21, 2013, 02:41 IST | The Guide Team

Head to a gig featuring Indie act Ganesh Talkies; Garage Rock band Bone Broke and Progressive Rock band Far Travel Music, as part of Blue Frog's The Scene series of gigs

The Scene is a series of gigs put together by NH7 and the Blue Frog that showcases emerging acts from around the country. In the fourth edition of The Scene, Ganesh Talkies will make their Mumbai debut alongside debutantes Far Travel Music and they will be supported by upcoming band Bone Broke.

Ganesh Talkies

Indie band Ganesh Talkies were named as one of the Top Artistes to Watch Out For in 2013 by a leading music magazine and they were the Converse Original Band of 2013. They blend Alt-Rock, Reggae, Ska and Pop with influences culled from cinema. Their songs tell stories which unfold collectively to make the whole picture.

Bone Broke is the solo Garage Rock project of Mumbai-based singer / songwriter Dinkar Dwivedi. Their music is raw Blues-based Rock with a focus on stomping beats. They are currently working on their first EP with producer Ayan De. Their set for The Scene will feature Rohit Pereira on bass and Aaron Carvalho on drums.

Far Travel Music was conceived by musician Arjun Kanungo while chatting with the band on WhatsApp. With technology and diverse influences, the Mumbai-based band pulls together genres like Progressive Rock, Electronica and Dubstep and they add an element of humour into their songwriting and stage act. If you ever get to witness their jams/rehearsals, you’ll see highly irreverent in-your-face vibes.

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