School cancels Eid celebrations, citing political pressure

Oct 17, 2013, 01:37 IST | A Correspondent

Objections raised by a youth outfit, owing affiliation to a political party, compelled a nursery school to cancel its celebrations to mark the Bakri Eid festival yesterday.

The BJP Yuva Morcha strongly objected to Symbiosis nursery school’s directive asking parents to send their kids to school in traditional Muslim attire. Succumbing to the pressure, the nursery principal abruptly cancelled the scheduled programme.

Dr Vidya Yerawdekar
Symbiosis Society’s Principal Director Dr Vidya Yerawdekar

Last week, the school management sent an email to all parents informing them that they will be commemorating the Eid festival, and hence parents should send their children on October 15 in traditional Muslim attire. The dress code for boys was specified as salwar kameez with a skullcap, while girls were asked to don the anarkali sharara.

After learning of the plans, the BJP Yuva Morcha, however, came out with a statement raising questions on how the school can promote any specific religion and force children to come dressed up in religious attire. A day prior to the program, the school abruptly sent text messages to all parents informing them to send children in school uniform only.

When contacted, BJP Yuva Morcha President Ganesh Ghosh said, “We have not objected about celebrating Eid in the school premises. Our objection was asking students to wear specific attire. Moreover, we also received info from some of the parents who were not comfortable sending their children in any religious attire.”

The management of Symbiosis, however, has condemned the interference by the political outfit in the functioning of nursery. Symbiosis Society’s Principal Director Dr Vidya Yerawdekar said, “Our school celebrates all religious festivals. No organisation should interfere in the internal functioning of the school.”

When asked why the nursery cancelled the scheduled program, she said, “Unfortunately, I was out of station and totally unaware about any developments. I even told the principal that had she had a word with me before cancelling the event, I would have definitely asked her to go ahead with the programme.” 

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