'Schoolkids gyrating to item numbers? Bad idea'

May 27, 2016, 06:00 IST | Dr. Love

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Q. My daughter wants to dance to an item number for her school annual day function. I have a problem with this, although my husband doesn’t. Am I being too protective?
A. The idea of an item number is appalling to begin with. These songs do nothing but treat women like commodities, and usually exist simply because filmmakers aren’t intelligent enough to focus on good writing or a strong plot. If they did, why would they need an item number to attract the masses anyway? I think you’re doing the right thing. Your daughter needs to understand that simply thrusting your pelvis in an obscene manner to a song isn’t really dancing at all. The sooner she understands that, the better.

Dr Love

 Q. Can a hand job lead to a pregnancy?
 A.Only if it excites your partner enough to want to have intercourse with you, and he then insists on doing so without using a condom. Please don’t have sex without doing a bit of research. And if your partner has questions as inane as these, maybe you should both consider not procreating. This will be a good thing for mankind in general.

Q. Can men be raped too?
A. It is a misconception that men alone feel the desperate need to have sex with someone, irrespective of whether or not the person they intend to have sex with consents to it. A significant number of men, and boys, are routinely raped by people of both sexes. Sadly, thanks to the disbelief with which society treats these complaints, few of them ever bother making this public. In 2014, the UK reported that of an estimated 78,000 people raped in that country, around 9,000 were thought to be men. Taking low report rates into consideration, the number is obviously much higher. Compare that to India, where reports of rape by women are still abysmally low, and you get a glimpse of how serious the problem is. Speaking out is just the first hurdle; acceptance of the problem is the big one.

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