Scoop of nirvana, anyone?

May 06, 2012, 12:02 IST | Phorum Dalal

Geddy's ice cream, a product of Bengaluru, has set stall at Under The Banyan Tree and is waiting to be discovered

Thanks to my hyperactive mood and restless nature, I often have people around me doling out precious advice, which, often, is ‘take a chill pill’. ‘You should meditate,’ some say. I did just that on a hectic Thursday evening as I was in panic mode as an assignment was on the verge of falling through. I walked into Under The Banyan Tree, Peddar Road, where a stand of Geddy’s Gourmet Ice Cream was waiting to be reviewed for another assignment. 

I started with a Black Forest tasting, assuming it is just another crumbled cake mixed in ice cream. I was wrong, so wrong. The sweetness of juicy cherries, muddled with chocolate chunks created a whirlwind of fantastic taste and in a second, I forgot about my backlog at work, what vegetable I would cook the next morning, and even that pimple on my right cheek. The creamy, gooey journey embraced me and I, obviously, conceded.

Up next was Red Wine and Fig, a combination that was pleasantly surprising. For those who want to give their chocolate cones a break, indulge.

Another hatke flavour was Almonds and Pitted Prunes. The main server had taken a day off when we visited the place and a pair of fidgety hands was serving us. The shaky hands serving the scoop teased my patience levels, as I waited with baited breath for my turn to reach out to the spoon and taste it for real.

I had achieved nirvana, and was ready to renounce the world when a scoop of sinful Raspberry was presented to me in a timid plastic cup. While the photographer took the shots, I glared at it lustfully as it took its own sweet time — pun intended — to melt. In the first bite, I figured out what had gifted it this divine colour — big chunky raspberries.

The ice cream is organic, eggless, and contains real fruits and pulp. And, you can store it for up to six months. It is 60 per cent substance and 40 per cent air, making it creamier and lighter on the stomach, Nihar Gala, who brought the brand to the city, tells me.

Geddy’s has got many things right — the vanilla is beans not essence, the black current is not a lavender colour but real berry, the mango is fresh fruit, and the servings are decent at Rs 40 per scoop.

There’s just one doubt left unanswered — should have I asked for another scoop of Raspberry, I wonder? 

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