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Jan 13, 2012, 08:13 IST | Ashishwang Godha

Ashishwang Godha brings you Pune's freshest catch in its best dessert avatars

Ashishwang Godha brings you Pune's freshest catch in its best dessert avatars

Indulge in Strawberry at Brugge
Brugge are known for their moulded chocolates but they also offer good quality seasonal desserts. We chose the really simply named Strawberry (Rs 50) -- a little round white chocolate and strawberry layered ganache that sat pretty on a dark sponge base. 

Strawberry Pastry served at Brugge. pic/ Krunal Gosavi

This may not take you to heaven on the first bite but eat some more and each spoonful is addictive. With a cream cheese consistency and a fresh fruit infusion, this is a simple-but-pretty dessert.
At Shop 5, Shankar Parvati Chambers, Dhole Patil Road. 
Call 65002180

Slurp away on Strawberry Ice-cream Sundaes at Natural's
Natural's has the freshest ice-cream ever. And during strawberry season, they serve a special treat for their customers. Try the Fresh Strawberry pieces with Strawberry Ice-cream Sundae (Rs 80). 

Strawberry Sunday served at Natural's. Pic/ Krunal Gosavi

They give you a generous bowl with chopped slivers of strawberry and a big scoop of ice-cream that also has chunks of fresh strawberry. Simply yum. They also have the same version with Malai ice-cream.
At Lane no 8, Koregaon Park. Also, outlets at Viman Nagar, Camp, Wanowrie. 

Sip on a Strawberry Sunshine Smoothie at Jus Booster Juice
Jus Booster Juice is the place to rest your shopping-weary peep-toed feet. If you have just bought that tiny dress, we suggest you kickstart that healthy diet right away. The doughnut eatery next door winks mischievously but march ahead to Canada's famous Booster Juice. 

Strawberry Smoothie R epresentation pic

A Choco Berry Shake (Rs 99) catches the eye immediately. It's a lovely blend of juicy fruit and chocolate milkshake spiked with sweetened whole strawberries out of a jam or a concentrate. They also serve Strawberry Sunshine Smoothie (Rs 99) which is a blend of berries, guava, banana and yoghurt. Try the Strawberry Storm (Rs 129) with strawberry, cranberry, raspberry and whey. Very berry healthy. 
At Ground floor, Phoenix Market City, Nagar Road.

Try the Strawberry Cup at Bliss
Bliss was once a sprawling coffee shop that became the centre of youth life when Wanowrie was a young suburb. But things deteriorated and Bliss was forced to revamp. Today, it's much smaller but it has upped its desserts and bakes and is back on the neighbourhood hang-out list. Their range of desserts comes in various hues and colours and is cost-effective and enticing to look at. Among the fresh strawberry options, try their Strawberry Cup (Rs 45). Topped with a sliver of fresh fruit and strawberry gelatin, the cup is filled with a smooth, creamy strawberry mousse. Plus, it includes whole chocolate. If you enjoy your fresh fruit as much as you enjoy the chocolate sin, polish off the filling and then languidly, bite into your cup of heaven for at least 
15 minutes. 
At Off Salunke Vihar Road, Wanowrie.
Call 30424308

Also try
> Bagicha -- They are straight from Mahablesh-war's strawberry land and have options galore.
>  Dorabjee -- They have a huge Chocolate Strawberry Pastry (Rs 115) that's a delight.

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