Scrub your stress away at The Palms Spa in Colaba

Apr 13, 2014, 10:26 IST | Deepali Dhingra

The Lemongrass and Green Tea scrub at The Palms Spa, Colaba, offers the benefits of exfoliation coupled with a relaxing massage 

The very thought of sipping a cup of green tea or tea flavoured with lemongrass has a relaxing effect on me. So, when I heard about the Lemongrass and Green Tea scrub at The Palms Spa at Colaba, I was curious to know whether the delightfully named scrub would have the same effect on my body.

When I reached the spa, my therapist, Ruth, informed me that the scrub, imported from Thailand, is packed with naturally exfoliating enzymes and will remove dead skin cells, leaving my skin silky smooth. I couldn’t wait to see whether I agreed with her at the end.

Scrub it away
After having my feet bathed in water filled with rose petals and drinking a cranberry cooler, I was asked to lie down on my tummy for the therapy. Taking the scrub in her hands, Ruth started a relaxing massage, starting with my feet and legs. The rich shea butter and olive oil base ensured that I didn’t find the scrub too rough. The therapist let her expert hands and fingers knead away the aches and pains from my legs. After ensuring that I was comfortable with the amount of pressure she was applying, she proceeded to massage the scrub on my arms and back, and I had to stop myself from dozing off. The lilting instrumental music in the background and the soft lighting added to the effect.

Get squeaky clean
After making me turn over, Ruth continued to use her hands to scrub away the dead cells on my shoulders and tummy. The relaxing massage took around 45 minutes, after which my therapist directed me to the steam and shower cubicle.

The cleansing ritual left me feeling squeaky-clean. After applying the body lotion, I was handed over a cup of herbal tea that left a soothing effect on my body as well as my mind. And as I ran my hands over my skin, I found myself nodding my head in agreement with what Ruth had told me earlier.

The therapy is for Rs 2,500. The Palms Spa, Ground Floor, Dhanraj Mahal, Apollo Bunder; Call: 66349898.

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