Sculpting ideas

Apr 04, 2013, 00:09 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

If you are thinking of doing something worthwhile this summer, enroll for a sculpture workshop

Enjoying a lazy summer need not mean you can’t have some creative fun. City-based art gallery, The Colours of Bengal, is hosting a sculpture workshop featuring master sculptors from Bengal.

Artists Uma Roychowdhury and Ramkumar Manna will teach participants interesting tricks of sculpting. Roychowdhury is a self-taught sculptor who graduated in Arts from Calcutta University. She has worked with acclaimed artist Roman Krasaitzki and believes in symbolism and drawing freely from Greek Celtic, Mesopotamian and Aztec art work.

A sculpture by artist Uma Roychowdhury

Talking about the workshop where she would be guiding aspirants, Roychowdhury says, “This is my first trip to Pune to put up an exhibition-cum-workshop. We will be demonstrating how to make sculptures in clay and terracotta.

Sculptor Ram Kumar Manna with his work

We will also be teaching students the basic technicalities of sculpture-making. Our focus is on the artistic ways of sculpture-making rather than the commercial aspects so that the learners get an in-depth idea of the process. Rather than focusing on bookish knowledge, people should come to observe and enjoy the fun of art.”

Fellow instructor Manna, an award winning sculptor from Kolkata, believes in experimenting with forms and styles. He says, “The art of making sculptures varies with the availability of clay. Minor details need to be explained to beginners but sculpture-making is not as difficult to learn as it seems. One just needs to have an idea and approach for it, technicalities will follow

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