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Apr 28, 2014, 08:23 IST | The Guide Team

Nothing Fishy About It, a new takeaway on Carter Road’s restaurant-laden avenue, has a few things going for it, as far as its seafood rolls are concerned; however, vegetarians and chicken lovers might have a rough ride

If there was an award for most number of openings and shutdowns of eateries among Mumbai localities, Carter Road would be the runaway winner. The latest entrant to this buzzing stretch is Nothing Fishy About It.

Nothing fishy about it
Food: Average
Service: Helpful
Ambiance: NA

Paneer Tikka starter is one of the dishes on offer for vegetarians

As the name suggests, they specialise in seafood. The menu has a variety of fish, prawn and crab options in rolls, with chicken thrown in along with a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetisers. Keen to sample this spread, we chose the Grilled Masala Prawns Roll (Rs 195) and Fish with Koli Green Spices Roll (Rs 175). We also ordered for the Chicken a la King (Rs 225), and so our vegetarian colleagues don’t feel left out, the Paneer Grilled Tikka Starter (Rs 200, also available as a roll) was requested for. Since, it was a takeaway meant for an evening snack at the office in Parel, we were pleased to find that the contents of the parcel were reasonably warm by the time it reached us.

The Grilled Masala Prawns Roll made for a tasty evening snack

Wrapped in foil, the rolls appeared wholesome, and inviting. The prawns were cooked in a thick, red masala. Spicy, it opened up the sinuses after a few bites. We liked that the prawns were juicy, fresh and de-veined (phew!). Next up, we tucked into the fish roll that came laced with the Koli-cuisine inspired green chilli masala. Loaded with bags of flavour and a hint of tanginess, this was the hit snack.

As in a rollercoaster, after the highs, the lows must follow. And that’s exactly what happened with our takeaway. Earlier, while scanning the menu, we noticed a measly list for vegetarians. The paneer tikka consisted of paneer chunks, tossed in the usual smoky/spicy tikka masala. Strictly okay. Then came the downslide. The Chicken gravy dish (served in a plastic container) had an overbearing film of oil sifting through which we discovered a balanced peppered cream sauce that rolled over our tongues temptingly. Giving in, we popped the boneless chicken in our mouths that turned out to be tough and raw; there was an inconsistency to the pieces, which made one of us, spit the piece out just after a bite.

Nothing Fishy About It’s
performance in the kitchen needs to be consistent to stay in the race in this unpredictable food district. Getting two out of four right in an order means it needs to get its act together before one can trust its name, entirely.

AT Shop no 6, Gagangiri Apartments, Carter Road Bandra (W).
CALL 9920029020
Nothing Fishy About It didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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