Sean Paul ups the temperature

Oct 15, 2012, 08:51 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Sean Paul, who rocked the world with numbers like Temperature, Get Busy and She Doesn't Mind, is coming to India marking his maiden visit to the country.

“I have been wanting to visit India for like six years now and finally I’ll be performing live for all my Indian fans. I am ready to explore as much as I can,” says Sean who is keen on visiting the Taj Mahal. CS caught up with the reggae king for a light-hearted chat:

Sean Paul
Who: Sean Paul
What: On his maiden tour to India

From water polo to music
I have been a national level water polo player and those days were great! But I was just following in my father and grandpa’s footsteps, both of whom were water polo players as well. Being an athlete is in my genes. But I had to give it up to make way for my musical career. I love music! I absolutely had no reason to switch. One day, I just wanted to do it and I was at it. Things turned around when producer Jeremy Harding felt that I resembled the popular dancehall DJ Super Cat and gave me a break.

In my genes
It’s my Jamaican origin that made me venture into reggae music as the style belongs to Jamaica too. I am my biggest motivation. My love for music has helped me do good work till now. The unique thing about reggae is the bouncing music with the sticky beat and the emphasis on percussion and bass formed out of mento, rocksteady and ska. This was something I knew I could do and all the successful Jamaican men like Alton Ellis, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and Desmond Dekker were great inspirations for me.

Namaste India
Pitbull, Bryan Adams, Shakira, Michael Jackson and now Enrique and SHM flying to India for concerts isn’t a new thing. India has always been welcoming. Indians have always appreciated international music and surprisingly, equally responded like our fans in our countries. That’s what brings us here to perform. What else does an artiste crave for? Indians have a good taste for music, I must admit.

A good feeling
I am obliged that I bagged success and fame. It’s a good feeling! It is like doing what you want to and being good at it. I don’t know if I am grounded or not though. An artist becomes an artist because of his fans. So I am this Jamaican brat otherwise, but my fans made me ‘The Sean Paul’. I am grateful.

When not on stage
Music is my escape. Even when I am not on stage or in a recording studio, I am on my tablet making some new sound composition. I love swimming with sharks and stingrays, being far away where there’s nothing around, travelling and exploring every place I visit. 

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