Seat belt saved Nooriya

Feb 01, 2010, 07:19 IST | Somita Pal and Bipin Kumar Singh

Despite turning turtle twice in her car Nooriya Haveliwala escaped unhurt, say doctors

Despite turning turtle twice in her car Nooriya Haveliwala escaped unhurt, say doctors

Nooriya Haveliwala may have done everything wrong in the last two days but a precaution -- fastening her seat belt before setting out on the nightmarish drive -- is the one right thing that ended up saving her life say GT Hospital authorities.

Accused: Nooriya Haveliwala

"Drivers should take a lesson from Haveliwala who, despite being heavily drunk, ensured that her seat belt remain fastened. Her car turned turtle twice, but she managed to escape without a scratch. Besides, the air bags also inflated at the right time," said a doctor from the hospital.  

Haveliwala, a resident of Sagar Sangeet in Colaba, was rushing home in the early hours of Saturday after partying with friends at a pub in Breach Candy when she lost control of her Honda CRV at Marine Drive, killing two men, including a policeman, and injuring four.

No regret

According to GT Hospital sources, Haveliwala, who is in police custody, was brought to the hospital for a medical check-up. "She was very casual when she came for the medical check up at 2.45 pm on Saturday.

When asked whether she was aware of what she had done, she calmly said yes. There was no sign of regret on her face," said a hospital source. According to the medical examination report, 457 mg of alcohol was found in Haveliwala's blood -- more than nine times the permissible limit of 50 mg.

"When she was asked what she had eaten and drunk that night, she said that she had consumed only four pints of beer. She had come to the hospital on Saturday complaining of backache and gastritis," said a member from the medical team.

Family reacts

Yusuf Haveliwala, Nooriya's father, said, "I know my daughter and also know that she has never been in the habit of drinking too much. I am a doctor and I know what the condition of a drunk person is. My daughter was perfectly alright and conscious when I met her. The police are falsely trying to implicate her in a case of drink driving."

Unlucky building?

The 32-storeyed Sagar Sangeet was constructed in 1976 and is located opposite the Colaba post office. It was in the news in 2004 too, when Colonel Rajneesh Behl, father of actor Mohnish Behl and actress Nutan's husband, died in a fire which reportedly started in his flat at the top floor of Sagar Sangeet. Behl's body was found badly charred almost four hours after the fire broke out.

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