Second AI flight delayed in four days at Pune airport leaves passengers irked

Oct 22, 2014, 00:44 IST | Anuj Ismail

Air India passengers on a Delhi-bound flight, impatient to meet their family for the Diwali holidays, were disappointed when their flight was delayed by over two hours

Yet another Air India flight was delayed on Monday evening, putting Diwali holiday plans on hold for several of the airlines’ disgruntled passengers. This is the second AI flight to be delayed at the Pune airport in four days, after passengers of a delayed Delhi-bound flight were put through a 24-hour ordeal on Thursday.

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On Monday as well, it was a Delhi-bound flight, AI850, which was delayed by two hours and twenty minutes, after some technical problems were reported in the aircraft. The flight, originally scheduled to depart at 6.40 pm, eventually took off at 9 pm from the airport.

De ja vu
It didn’t help of course, that the AI had already set a bad example just four days earlier, when flight AI854 was grounded due to a technical snag, and passengers had to wait for 24 hours before the airlines could arrange for an alternate aircraft.
The flight was supposed to take off at 9 pm on Thursday, but the passengers eventually flew out of the airport the next day, at 8.30 pm. Enraged by the long wait, several passengers even protested by blocking the airport’s apron (area where aircraft are parked, boarded, refuelled, etc.), until they were cleared out by security.

According to sources, there have been many instances when Air India flights have been delayed, and passengers have had to wait for long periods of time. Sources said, “The Air India flight, AI-850, was delayed as the incoming aircraft from Delhi got delayed due to some major technical issue — this is not the only incident. Air India flights get delayed quite often due to technical snags.”

Diwali dampener
With the approach of Diwali and Chhath festivities, many are shelling out nothing short of R15,000 per ticket, to be able to go home and celebrate with their family. However, unexpected delays in the flight have irked the passengers several times, and others are now considering flying with different airlines.

Sourabh Gupta, an IT professional in the city, said, “I was planning to take the Air India flight, AI-854, on October 22. However, with their flights getting delayed, I have decided to fly by another airline a day in advance, so that even if that flight gets delayed, I will at least reach on time.”

Shobha Nimbalkar, Air India spokesperson, said, “The incoming aircraft to Pune was delayed — the aircraft landed at 8:30 pm and took off at 9 pm. The incoming flight was delayed due to some technical issue in the aircraft.”


This time of the year, we go back home and spend time with our family. Due to shortage of leaves, we are able to go home only a day before the festival, so the Air India staffers should ensure timely departure.
- Aditya Singh, IT professional

Airlines have sky-high fares during festive seasons, but when it comes to providing proper service, this is what we get. The airlines should think about passengers’ convenience instead of filling their own pockets.
- Dheeraj Tyagi, Software professional

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