Second time's the charm for Obamas on the 'kiss cam'

Jul 18, 2012, 07:45 IST | Agencies

US President Barack Obama was booed after initially failing to smooch during 'Kiss Cam,' but later plants one on First Lady during Team USA victory

US President Obama hopes voters in November will be less fickle than the crowd was at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC on Monday night.

The US President and First Lady were watching the USA vs. Brazil men’s basketball exhibition match when the arena’s Kiss Cam — the in-house video that spotlights kissing couples during a game break — spotlighted them during the second quarter.

US President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are shown on the Jumbotron not kissing

The US President and Michelle Obama could be seen smiling on the Jumbotron, but a lame attempt to kiss — even if it could be interpreted that way — came up as an air ball.

The crowd was unimpressed and extremely vocal about it, giving the President a hearty Bronx cheer.

After much coaxing and boos, Obama finally scores in the fourth half of the game

The non-kiss seemed to generate more attention than the game. Members of the press and the crowd commented on the humorous moment in a flurry of activity on Twitter.

“Michelle Obama resists the President’s advances on Kiss Cam. The 1st Couple gets booed!” tweeted the Washington Post’s Michael Lee.

But the leader of the free world had a much better second half. The First Couple got another shot on the ‘Kiss Cam’ during the fourth quarter — and this time the President’s smooch was a success. The crowd responded with a thunderous cheer, and a pro-Obama chant of “Four more years!” according to reports.

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