Secret Service agent took sex worker to same hotel Obama stayed in

Apr 23, 2012, 13:30 IST | Agencies

Investigations into the Colombian prostitutes scandal have revealed that one Secret Service agent took a woman to the Hotel Hilton in Cartagena, Colombia, five days before President Obama's arrival


Until now, the Hotel Caribe has been the focus of the scandal, where 22 Secret Service and military personnel stayed days before President Obama's visit to the city and have been accused of inappropriate behavior, CBS News reports.
"Now, you're into the hotel where the president of the United States was going to stay, and it just gets more troubling," Senator Joe Lieberman said on ''Face the Nation''.
Lieberman has now joined some senators such as Republican Chuck Grassley who have been demanding a broadening of the investigations to find out whether White House staffers too were involved in the scandal.  
While the scandal is getting a lot of attention on Capitol Hill, most lawmakers have commented Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan for his handling of the incident.

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