Seeking revenge for mother's death, man kills 26-year-old

May 15, 2012, 06:16 IST | A correspondent

The accused, Prakash Jadhav, had a two-year-old tiff with the victim, Amit Udgare, as he had posted bail for his brother, who was arrested for the murder of the Jadhav's mother; after a heated argument, Jadhav used a chopper to slit his throat near a temple

A 26-year-old man paid with his life for standing up and defending his brother in the court of law. Amit Udgare was brutally murdered in Ghatkopar over a two-year old dispute. Investigating officials said, Udgare, who worked with a private company, was murdered by Prakash Jadhav and three others in Bhatwadi, Ghatkopar. 

In shock: Relatives of Amit Udgare (left) mourn after he was brutally murdered yesterday. Pics/Siddharth Dhadve

According to cops, Udgare was on his way to Sai Baba temple where he usually slept at night, when Jadhav and the others confronted him. They had an altercation and when the others started assaulting Udgare, he fled to the temple fearing for his life. However, Jadhav and his colleagues chased Udgare down and then slit his throat with a chopper. Bleeding profusely, Udgare managed to reach home but collapsed in front of his brother Vipul at the doorstep. They immediately rushed Udgare to Rajawadi hospital but he was declared dead on admission.

The Ghatkopar police later arrested Jadhav in the case while his three accomplices Shantaram Jadhav, Sagar Mule and Shalini Mule are still at large. According to cops, the murder was the culmination of a past fight between Udgare and Jadhav.

Old feud
“Around two years ago, Jadhav’s mother had been murdered. Udgare’s brother Vipul was allegedly involved and was arrested in the case. However, Vipul was let off and the fact that Vipul’s court expenses were paid by Udgare infuriated Jadhav. Seeking revenge for his mother’s death, the accused slit Udgare’s throat. Jadhav has been charged with murder and we are investigating further,” said an official.  

Case in point
According to police officials, Amit Udgare’s brother Vipul was an accused in the murder case of Prakash Jadhav’s mother two years ago. Vipul was subsequently arrested in the case, but was later let off on bail. Amit had taken care of all legal expenses and even posted bail for Vipul. This infuriated Prakash and they developed enmity and led to frequent arguments and fights. On Monday, following a heated argument Prakash murdered Amit in Ghatkopar.  

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