Krav Maga: Self-defence, the Israeli way

Jun 19, 2014, 08:45 IST | Hassan M Kamal

From basic ground fighting techniques to defending yourself from knife and stick attacks, sign up for a master class in Krav Maga to stay safe

If you are looking at sprucing up your fighting skills, perhaps inspired by how Israeli soldiers do it, a two-day Krav Maga workshop would interest you. Krav Maga India has organised this special session on the martial art along with a grading seminar in Mumbai.

Krav Maga
(Above and below) Krav Maga is an art of self-defence, which was created for Israeli soldiers. PICS/ AFP

The workshop scheduled to take place in the first week of July will offer training on the basics of fighting and defense techniques. Santosh Nair, a co-ordinator of the programme for Krav Maga’s Mumbai chapter, says, “The workshop will include defence as well as offence techniques on the ground as well as standing up. One of the key factors would be to learn how to defend oneself from knife and stick attacks.” Krav Maga head trainer Vikram Kapoor will conduct the workshop.

Nair adds that the techniques in Krav Maga are useful in terms of self-defence and knocking down one’s attacker at once and is open to anyone between the age group of 13 to 60, who wants to learn the techniques of self-defence using this martial art. “The focus in Krav Maga is to enable a person to knock down one’s attacker in lying as well as stand-up positions; and it doesn’t matter whether or not you are trained in martial arts,” he said, adding that the workshop is useful for anyone including girls, students as well as well as housewives.

Nair, however, advises heart patients and pregnant women to avoid the workshop. “The training is very strenuous, so, those with heart ailments are advised to seek doctor’s advice before attending the workshop,” he warns. Also, part of the workshop will be a grading session for Krav Maga students affiliated with the Indian Krav Maga Federation. Participants are advised to wear T-shirts, track pants and running shoes.

On: July 5 and 6, 10 am to 5 pm
At: Venue will be fixed soon
Call: 9820621987
Fee: Rs 3,500 (both days)

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