Sena fails to shut down city school on 'bank holiday'

Apr 06, 2012, 07:29 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Party workers wanted the school shut, but school authorities continued classes in spite of the protests

Workers of the Shiv Sena finally met their match in persistence yesterday. Barging into South Mumbai’s JB Petit school, members of the saffron brigade created a ruckus, clamouring that the school shut down for the day, as it was a bank holiday. Unfazed, the school authorities decided to continue classes as usual.

Last September, MiD DAY had reported how Sena members had forced the principal of BD Somani school in South Mumbai to shut the institute, after they received a call from some parents claiming the principal was conducting classes on Ganesh Chaturthi (‘Want school holiday on Ganesh Chaturthi? Just call Shiv Sena!’ September 3).

Persistent: JB Petit school authorities did not bow down to the Shiv Sena’s demand to shut down for the day, and continued classes. File pic

It was on the insistence of some parents that the Sena members decided to take matters into their hands. Neeta Shah (name changed on request), parent of a student at JB Petit, said, “Why is it when most of the schools are closed during the bank holiday, this school is open?”

“Based on the complaints of some parents of JB Petit School, the local corporator and Yuva Sena members went to the school to enquire why the school was kept open,” said Bala Kadam, Yuva Sena leader.

“Keeping the school open during a bank holiday is wrong. We will be visiting the school again on Monday, as we have asked the deputy director of the school to conduct an enquiry into the matter.” he added.

Aaditya Thackeray, Yuva Sena president, said, “We don’t have anything against the school. It is undoubtedly a good school and has given fine citizens to the society. The only request is to be sensitive to children, becasue if it is a bank holiday, it must be respected. Students have feelings too.”

Sunil Chauhan, deputy director of school education, said, “I got a call from one of the Shiv Sena members, and I told them that they should register a written complaint with me. I will look into the matter.” 

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