Senator Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump in Iowa caucuses

Feb 03, 2016, 05:08 IST | Agencies

The real estate tycoon was shocked after his high-pitched campaigning seeking to bar illegal immigrants and “cut the head” off of ISIS fell flat, leading Cruz to victory

Washington: In a stunning upset, Senator Ted Cruz beat controversial Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in the crucial Iowa caucuses while Democrat Hillary Clinton eked out a victory over Bernie Sanders as the race for the White House began yesterday.

After losing to Ted Cruz (above), Trump (below) said, “We finished second. I am just honoured. I want to congratulate Ted.” PICS/AFP

As the results of the Iowa Caucuses poured in, 45-year-old Texas Senator Cruz bagged 28 per cent of the total votes with a lead of over 6,000 votes against Trump’s 24 per cent. With almost all the votes counted, Marco Rubio stood at the third position with 23 per cent.

In his first reaction after coming second in Iowa, Trump said, "We finished second. I am just honoured. I want to congratulate Ted (Cruz)." The 69-year-old real estate tycoon said he never expected such a second place finish in Iowa when he started his campaign on June 16, 2015.

Cruz, in his victory speech, said, "Tonight is the victory for courageous conservative. Iowa has sent notice that the next Republican nominee or the president would not be chosen by the media, would not be chosen by the lobbyist, or by the Washingtonians... would be chosen by the American people."

NY tabloid trolls Trump

The NY Daily News, a New-York based tabloid played out Donald Trump's face as a clown on its cover page and labelled him as a, 'Dead Clown Walking,' following his second place loss at the Iowa Caucuses.

Razor-thin win for Hillary Clinton
Among the Democrats, it was razor-thin contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders till the last votes, with Clinton bagging 50 per cent votes and edging out Sanders who secured 49 per cent votes. Iowa Democratic Party declared Clinton as the winner of the cliffhanger. Claiming victory, Clinton said it is rare to have a real contest of ideas. "I am a progressive to get things done for the people. Status quo is not good enough," she said.

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