Send a singing pigeon to your loved one

Apr 28, 2014, 09:09 IST | Nevin Thomas

A team of young artistes across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are making it possible to wish your loved ones through musical performances

Imgine trained musicians playing the song of your choice as you kneel down and propose to your loved one. The Singing Kabootar can make this a reality.

The people behind The Singing Kabootar (left) Amanda Sodhi and Shrikant Sreenivasan

The initiative, started by artistes Shrikant Sreenivasan and Amanda Sodhi, lets you wish your loved ones in and around Mumbai through musical performances.

A woman receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day by The Singing Kabootar

Launched only a month ago, they are gaining popularity among people of all ages. “The feedback has been nice and it motivates us to come up with more fun and creative services,” says Sreenivasan.

The Singing Kabootar logo. Artwork by Manasi Kotian

It all began when Sreenivasan and Sodhi surprised their friend with a song on his birthday. They felt that since everybody loves surprises why not start a company that would extend this service to everyone. “It will also be an opportunity for upcoming musicians to earn some money by doing what they do best,” maintains Sreenivasan.

The choice of songs is not restricted to popular Hindi and English numbers. The team of musicians, called Kabootars, can compose a song or a special message as per the client’s requirements. They deliver fresh cakes, chocolates, balloons and other goodies along with their performance, with special discounts for students. The team, which is adept in covering music of all genres, also tries to promote music by Indian bands whenever there is an opportunity.

Presently, the organisation is making plans to expand, with the website expected to be launched soon. “We do not want the quality of the music we offer to go down at any point. So, we are constantly on the lookout for talented musicians that can add something extra to the table,” affirms Sreenivasan.

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