Senorita Shamita lives it up in Spain

Jul 14, 2013, 23:44 IST | Rashmi Henriques

What fun would it be to take an all-girls trip to Ibzia and Balearic Island?

Model and entrepreneur Shamita Singha along with sister Mashoom and two other pals went on an exotic holiday to Spain. She recounts one of her best girly trips to CS:

Shamita soaks in the sun at Formentera 

Beauty and the beach
The islands of Ibzia and Balearic are beyond imagination. The four of us rented a car and with maps and other friend’s recommendations in tow, we explored the islands. The blue beautiful waters, pristine white sands and clear skies made for a great holiday. Spain’s pretty diverse; it has beaches for families, sunbathing decks for the bold and adventure sports for the young and restless. While Ibzia is slightly more commercial with hawkers passing through, the other islands like Mallorca, Formentera are pristine in nature.

A water fountain at Bordeaux

Girls have fun
Each day we would explore a new beach. I remember we were all packed up to leave from Mallora to Ibzia, but reached the port late and missed the boat. One of my favourite places in Ibzia was a club called Lio, a cabaret cum dining place, overlooking the water front. In Spain, most nightclubs stay open throughout the night. It was slightly funny, we would wake up in the evening, take a shower, eat dinner around 9pm, take a nap and then get ready to hit the dance floor.

The girls look click happy at Mallorca

Plateful of prawns
I am a vegetarian. It wasn’t difficult for me to get delicious European dishes such as Khus Khus, pizza, pasta and stuff. I have travelled across the globe and getting vegetarian food has never been an issue. However, Mashoom and our friends gorged on seafood, particularly the fresh prawns.

Alcudia Beach in Mallorca

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