Serial killer's first victim visited him daily after dying!

Jul 05, 2012, 06:36 IST | Shiva Devnath

Borivli murderer has stated that after he killed his friend in 2008, his ghost frequented him and asked him to join him; only after he performed a pooja did the spirit leave

while interrogating Borivli serial killer Gopal Pandey, cops have recorded spooky revelations by the dreaded criminal. In his statement, Pandey told the police that after he killed his friend Vijay Dubey alias Chhotu four years back, he started having sleepless nights, as Chhotu’s ghost visited him every night. And only after he performed a pooja did Chhotu’s spirit stop visiting him.

Soul searching! The Borivli police arrested Pandey along with his accomplices on June 28

According to Pandey’s statement, ‘whenever he slept or even took a nap, he saw Chhotu standing and smiling next to him, asking him to come along with him.’ Scared by the daily arrival of his friend’s spirit, Pandey decided to invoke the gods. Pandey visited the Trimbakeshwar Mandir in Nashik, and narrated the incident to the priest, but didn’t reveal that he had murdered his friend. After the pooja was performed, Pandey claimed that the ghost vanished.

Pandey, who hails from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, had called Chhotu to the city from Gorakhpur, as the latter wanted to work in Mumbai. Chhotu soon took up a job as a rickshaw driver. The two grew close to each other, and would consume alcohol every evening. After getting drunk, Chhotu would state, ‘Pandey bhai, I want to kill this man and that man.’

According to the police, Chhotu and Pandey’s daily ritual of drinking turned ugly one day after they had a spat. In a fit of rage, Chhotu told Pandey he would kill him. Enraged and fearing that Chhotu would really bump him off, Pandey kidnapped him with the help of his accomplices and then murdered him in a car, doused the body in petrol and set it on fire in the jungles of Manor.

Following similar modus operandi, he pulled off the murders of Chavan and Dhakan in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Previous victims
Nitin Dhakan
Killed: 2012
According to cops, Dhakan and Pandey were involved in a property deal. On April 26, the two had a heated argument, following which Dhakan called off the deal. Pandey and the other accused then used Dhakan’s car to kidnap him, drove him to the jungles of Manor on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, and then thrashed Dhakan to death.

Sanjay Chavan
Killed: 2010
Sanjay Chavan, who was a loan agent from Shimpoli in Borivli, went missing on March 11, 2010. Pandey has confessed that on March 12, 2010, he and his accomplice killed Chavan, who was insisting that Pandey return the loan of Rs 8 lakh he had taken to buy a car.  

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