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May 20, 2013, 07:57 IST | Dhara Vora

"Whysoserious" is the site you shop at, when you feel the need to spend but can't quite figure the list. You might not need all that's available on this site, but you won't leave without a heavy shopping cart. Trust us!

There is no dearth of stores selling quirky products in the online space. But when we checked out Whysoserious, we couldn’t stop chuckling. Started by 30-year-old Khushboo Bisht, Whysoserious is a modern day curio shop, which will appeal to more than just the geeky lot. “While travelling abroad, I would come across some good products - the types that we’ve not seen in India before,” recalls the Gurgaon resident, who was in advertising before her entrepreneurial calling.

Your kids might think of this pacifier as a cruel joke when they grow up, you will just have to pray that they get the humour. Rs 599

The urge to bring this “crazy stuff” to India is what led to the birth of Whysoserious. The site, which has an equally funky layout, was designed by her husband, and launched in March this year. The product list is so wacko that it cannot be categorised (they’ve tried to somewhat, with tags like Mom Hates It, It’s Geek to me)!

This can either work to help you exercise your braincells while sipping on your morning cuppa, or on a boring day in office. Rs 1,599

Ironically, what we loved the most about this site was the randomness, where almost every product is not what you will find in umpteen quirky spaces across Indian cities. “I don’t look at sourcing the products as a business, but something that I would buy. I plan to visit Brazil and Argentina, and source stuff from tiny but great product design stores, which other retailers in our country don’t visit. So, it will continue to be unique,” assures Bisht.

Superheroes never looked so cute and LED consumes less power, period. Rs 2,299

We liked quite a few items on this site like the Underpants Bandages (Rs 599), the Hidden Bookshelf (Rs 1,299) that will make your books look like they are stuck to the wall, the art print watches (Rs 2,099), Mario Mushroom Lamp (Rs 1,099), the Instant Underpants (it’s packed in a tiny case/ Rs 599) and the Mechanical Firefly in a Jar (it can’t get more geeky, Rs 1,399). You’ll also spot useful buys like a compact Multiple Tool Kit (Rs 1,799) and creative iPad sleeves.

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