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Apr 24, 2013, 05:57 IST | The Guide Team

Commemorating 100 years of Indian cinema, the National Centre for the Performing Arts will be screening rare classic films in association with the National film Archives of India

Hundred crore-blockbusters and unrelenting marketing today ensure that movies (with or without substance) stay in public and media memory. However, not all classic films have gone down the similar path, some movies have even gotten lost in the course of time.

A few gems, however, have been archived and reworked on. View such rare classics at the upcoming National Centre for the Performing Arts’ (NCPA) Flashback series.

A scene where Sant Tukaram is forced to immerse his writings in the Indrayani river by Brahmins who resented him getting saintly status

These film screenings, organised in collaboration with the National Film Archives of India are being held to commemorate 100 years of Indian cinema. One such rare classic, which film buffs can catch this week is Sant Tukaram. Directed by yesteryear greats V Damle and S Fattelal, the film is a biography of the 17th century poet who revolutionised the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra.

This 1936 film not only narrates the story of the saint but also discusses several issues related to the concept of Bhakti, especially of Sant Tukaram’s devotion to God, which conflicted with his love for his wife and family.

The film starring Vishnupant Pagnis, Pandit Damle and Kusum Bhagwat among others is one of those rare Indian films that sets an example of the importance of simplicity in production.

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