Sex in a public bathroom, the park!

Feb 07, 2013, 11:54 IST | ANI

A survey on the sexual exploits of 500 people has revealed more than just a handful of interesting information

In the survey 46 percent admitted to having fooled around in the back of a cab, while 9 percent said they have done it in a public bathroom, 31 percent said “in the car” and 18 percent said “in the park”.

“We walked directly into a restaurant’s bathroom, had sex, then left. We didn''t even order drinks,” the New York Post quoted a Brooklyn woman, 29, single, as stating.

Sex and relationships, sex in a public bathroom

It also revealed that 43 percent say they’ve totally gotten it on with more than one person at a time. They enjoyed it, too. 55 percent said group sex is, in fact, “all it’s cracked up to be”.

“I took a sexy girl out to dinner, took her home, had sex with her. I returned to the restaurant, picked up our waitress and had sex with her the same night,” a Manhattan male, 52, single, revealed.

Sex and relationships, sex in the park

Where bondage is concerned 69 percent of New Yorkers say they’ve been tied up, slapped or otherwise engaged in rough sex. Another 15 percent haven’t done it yet, but wouldn’t object to hearing what you have in mind.

They were then quizzed on the name of the English rose who makes them horny, 55 percent chose Pippa Middleton, while Kate found 45 percent takers.

Finally, they were asked whether they think sexting is cheating, 69 percent said yes, while 30 percent say it is not.

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