'Sex mad' Harry Styles invites 12 girls a night

Mar 18, 2013, 03:12 IST | ANI

Harry Styles has apparently gone sex-mad as he is reportedly inviting up to a dozen girls a night to his hotel room on One Direction's wild UK tour.

The famous band’s other member Niall Horan told a pal that the 19-year-old singer is just unbeatable and he has lost count of all the girls Styles has pulled on this tour, the Daily Star reported.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles. Pic/Santa Banta

Another source close to the band said Styles, who dated Taylor swift some time ago, is completely out of control and brazen about it.

The insider further added that he seems to have at least three or four girls in his room every night and when he spots a girl he likes at a gig or when he’s out and about, he goes right up to her and invites her to his hotel.

The famous teen icon stunned fans in Belfast last week by giving his number to a girl in the crowd and inviting her back to his hotel room.

Meanwhile the rest of the lads all hang out after gigs and watch movies or play their computer games, but Styles goes off with a harem of girls and you don’t see him until the next day, the source added.

Now Styles’s dad Des has had to step in and warn his son about his womanizing ways.

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