Sex on castle wall kills French couple as they plunge into moat

Aug 25, 2015, 06:16 IST | Agencies

An adventurous lovemaking getaway turned deadly for a French couple, who decided to have sex in a part of the castle that is roughly four storeys off the ground

London: A French couple allegedly having sex at a historic castle somehow fell from a 40-foot height and into a moat, where they both died.

The couple was paying a visit to the Vauban Fort in the Chausey Archipelago where they eventually decided to have sex. Authorities say they believe the man and woman — both in their 30s — decided to have sex in part of the castle that is roughly four storeys off the ground.

But somehow during their lovemaking act, the couple lost balance and fell down into a moat below. The man’s body was found in a dried out portion of the moat, while his lover was in shallow water. Both were naked.

The castle sits on a rocky part of the coast and was built in 1866 by Napoleon as a fortress to protect against British attack.
The local police was initially unable to give any clear indication of how the couple may have died, only saying that “the couple was found naked, with their belongings above”.

On Thursday evening, the cops informed that the death was accidental and likely occurred when the couple were “making love and something went wrong”.

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