Sexiest man alive turns President

Published: 20 November, 2011 03:24 IST | Yolande D'Mello |

Ocean's Eleven actor George Clooney puts on a dapper suit this time to run for Presidency

Ocean's Eleven actor George Clooney puts on a dapper suit this time to run for Presidency

Ides of March is a political thriller where George Clooney plays writer, director and lead actor. Sunday MiD DAY gets chatty with the actor about the political game, his dreams of being a star baseball player as a kid and how he doesn't have to try to be 'sexy'.

Having written, directed and acted in this film, is it difficult to direct yourself?
Well being involved in a project at such a level can be daunting but if you are really passionate about the story it can be great. Good thing about being the director, or me being one, is you get the cast that you want. Directing George is just the easiest thing I ever had to do, our minds are completely in sync, I've never had such synergy with any other actor, wonder how we do it. 

This is a political-drama-thriller film.
I was exploring a story that revolved around morals and tough decisions and having to compromise one's morals. It just happened to take a political angle. You could place this story anywhere, Hollywood, Wall Street, etc and have the same story. As far as the timing is concerned, Obama's election did make us a little nervous for this is a really cynical film, but when Obama got elected, everyone was so happy and hopeful and optimistic, politicians were suddenly good people. All thanks to the last couple of years, we could release this movie.

As a child did you ever want to be President?
As a child, no; why would I even be interested in politics. I wanted to be a huge baseball player. I even tried for the Cincinnati Reds when I was in High School, I think it was '77. Baseball dint work, but somehow acting did. My genes might have something to do with it, I think.
Tell us about your meeting with President Obama with regards to the Darfur conflict in Sudan.
The President was very receptive of the ideas we had and very forthcoming in facilitating a path to resolve this problem. I was surprised by how much he knew about the Sudanese crisis. If there's one thing Americans can do it's negotiation.   
Shooting for Ides of March happened in Cincinnati, what was that like?
What happens when you shoot in your hometown where you have family all over the place is, everyone wants to be a part of the film. So you let them work and they get their first lesson of showbiz when their scenes get cut. I had my nephew do a scene that I actually kept in the film!

People magazine voted you as the Sexiest Man Alive, twice. Does that make you an authority on how to be sexy?
Being voted sexiest man alive is better than being "the sexiest man STILL alive" but am not complaining if people think I'm sexy. I really don't know how I do it or why am I sexy, so I really can't give out any tips just yet.

Ides of March released on November 18.

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