SFL Challengers gets its own superheroes

Aug 20, 2012, 08:53 IST | The Hitlist Team

India's first action reality show makes an impact

After the first set of action-packed elimination fights, India’s first action reality show, SFL Challengers seems to have caught everyone’s attention. The response has been tremendous, with people taking to social networking sites to discuss the fights and congratulate SFL chairman Raj Kundra, who’s active on the platform for his efforts.

Raj Kundra, Jimmy Sheirgill, Monika Singh and Raanvijay
Raj Kundra, Jimmy Sheirgill, Monika Singh and Raanvijay

Like the first elimination round, this week’s fights had interesting line-ups with each fighter having their distinct fighting styles. The celebrity guests this week joining Raj on the sidelines were two Punjabi puttars Jimmy Sheirgill and VJ-turned-actor Rannvijay.

The female bout between Monika Singh and Ritika had an edgy build up with the fight threatening to not happen at all. Monika had come into the show 11 kgs over the qualifying weight hoping to shed the pounds gradually during the course of the show. However, due to her fight being slotted early in only the second week she was faced with the Herculean task of losing 11 kgs in 10 days to be eligible to fight. Miraculously, she managed to lose the excess weight and qualify for the fight after being put on a strict workout regimen by the trainers.

Raj Kundra, Isaac Kario, Jimmy Sheirgill and Raanvijay
Raj Kundra, Isaac Kario, Jimmy Sheirgill and Raanvijay

Monika took her positive momentum into the fight that was evident in the way she dominated Ritika in the first round ending strongly on the ground. The second and the third rounds too had similar outcome, even though Ritika managed to muster some offense, but Monika negated her opponent’s strategy easily taking Ritika to the ground through out the fight ministering some serious ground and pound.

After the end of the third and last round it was clear that Monika had won by a landslide and so she rightly had her hand raised in victory via unanimous decision. Even though Monika put on an impressive display, it was the men’s bout that was the high point of the show.

The men’s fight couldn’t have been more diverse with Isaac Kario pitted against Siddesh Shirgaonkar. On one hand was Isaac with karate as his base, whereas Siddesh was more adept at wrestling and ground control, but both fighters having no prior professional fighting experience. Isaac had been displaying flashy moves and an acrobatic fighting style in training with the question in everyone’s mind being whether he could do the same in a fight.

Isaac cleared everyone’s doubt with a display of sheer strength and showmanship, akin the sports superstars, as he dispatched Siddesh in the very first round. Isaac with his powerful takedown defense averted Siddesh’s game plan with the highlight reel moment coming when Isaac slammed Siddesh and unleashed a combination of spinning kicks and the elusive Superman punch, a move considered to be the most popular in the world.

The fight ended with Siddesh, being unable to bear Isaac’s attacks, giving him his back which Isaac capitalised on making Siddesh submit via a rear naked choke. By giving such a deadly testament of his abilities Isaac’s announced himself on the show becoming the one to beat.

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