SFL packs a punch

Aug 13, 2012, 08:41 IST | Special Features

SFL Challengers, India's first action reality show by Sanjay Dutt and Raj Kundra seems to be turning heads, and grabbing the attention and interest of audiences in the country.

The show follows the journey of 16 (eight girls and eight boys) budding MMA fighters living under one roof, training together and competing in an elimination style competition. The winners get an elusive fight contract with SFL.

Vivek Oberoi and Raj Kundra

Vivek Oberoi cheers on
For the first week elimination fights the randomizer (fight selection software) threw up interesting bouts in the male and female sections. The action got underway with celebrity guest Vivek Oberoi accompanying SFL chairman Raj Kundra and head coaches Daniel Issac and Sanja Sucevic on the sidelines to cheer on the fighters. The male bout had Rajinder Meena, a technical striker with a weak ground game, up against Irfan Khan, having superior ground game yet weaker striking abilities. The fight, a three round affair was evenly contested with Irfan taking the first round as Rajinder failed to come to terms with the round being majorly fought on the ground. Rajinder edged forward in the second round solely based on his display of sheer strength while the third round was so even it was difficult to call. In the end Rajinder just about managed to win the fight via majority decision eliminating Irfan from the show.

Million dollar babies
The female fight was bit of an emotional event with Gurleen going up against Neetu, with both of them having become good friends on the show. The first round went to Gurleen as she displayed astute ground work using her strength advantage to the fullest. The second round too went to Gurleen with her coming off much better than Neetu during the course of the round with the action alternating between stand up striking and some good old fashioned ground game. The final round saw Gurleen asserting her dominance and coming out as the clear winner of the fight via an unanimous decision. With the show entering into its second week with already two eliminations being done, things on the show seem to be getting pretty intense. We can expect lots of fireworks in the upcoming weeks. SFL Challengers airs on Saturdays and Sundays 9 pm on Neo Prime and 10 pm on Zoom. 

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