SGNP's rescued jackal hops back into the wild

Oct 19, 2016, 08:36 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Authorities release healthy female jackal into forested area in Uttan after she recovers from maggot-infested injuries

The jackal when she was rescued in August. Authorities release her into a forested patch in Uttan, which has a healthy jackal population
The jackal when she was rescued in August. Authorities release her into a forested patch in Uttan, which has a healthy jackal population

The tender, loving care she received at Sanjay Gandhi National Park has finally paid off for a rescued female jackal that has now been released into Uttan, which has a healthy population of jackals.

Confirming the same Shailesh Deore, superintendent of SGNP’s tiger and lion safari and in-charge of the rescue centre said, “The female jackal was completely fit and hence, the decision was taken to release it back into its natural habitat. We did not want the animal to spend its entire life in the enclosure.”

On Monday evening, the SGNP authorities including the animal’s caretakers, Deore and Shailesh Pethe, SGNP’s veterinary officer took her in a small cage and transported her and released in a forested patch adjacent to the mangroves.

The animal was released in an area with a healthy jackal population so that adjusting in the area will not be an issue for her.

According to officials, on Monday evening when the cage was offloaded from the rescue van and opened, the elated jackal ran into the forest patch.

Picking location
For the last two to three weeks, the authorities were selecting a location to release the jackal. They discussed the same with the higher authorities and some experts after which a decision was taken to release the jackal in Uttan. Deore said, “When the jackal was brought to the park it was very weak. It was due to the team’s efforts that the animal became fit. As the animal was now fit for release, permissions were taken from higher authorities and it was released back into its natural habitat.”

Healthy and happy
When the female jackal was brought to the park she also had a low RBC count along with multiple injuries on her body with maggots on crawling on her wounds. The authorities immediately treated her with medicine to increase the RBC count. Needless to say, the jackal responded very well to the treatment. The jackal’s wounds were also cleaned. The bone on one of the fingers on her right paw was also exposed because of the injury but it has now healed.

From frail to hale and hearty
The jackal was rescued in a frail and injured condition by locals on August 1 near the Khadakpada area in Aarey Milk Colony. This surprised the authorities since there had been no jackal sightings in the last 20 years.

A local resident of the Khadakpada tribal hamlet spotted her near his house with wounds on her body.

The local later informed the Territorial Range of Thane Forest Department and Sanjay Gandhi National Park about the same following which activists and officials safely transported the animal to the National Park.

Years since a jackal was sighted in Aarey Milk Colony

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