Shaadi on my mind

Aug 24, 2012, 08:45 IST | Special Features

If there was something Sukhwinder Singh wanted this year, it was a Jaguar. But unfortunately, he hasn't been able to be the owner of one yet.

The singer tells CS, “I have a fondness for cars, and there was a model I wanted since a long time. But my friends are urging me to get married before buying the car. Pehle ghodi chadh phir gaadi chadhna is their logic.

Every time, they show me a number of kundlis and photographs. In fact, it’s they who are doing most of the bride hunting. However, nothing has materialised as yet (sighs). I think I will have a jhat mangni, pat byaah situation.” All we can say is, don’t forget to send us an invitation Sukhi!

Sukhwinder Singh

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