Shades of summer

Feb 22, 2013, 10:17 IST | Deeksha Pagar

The Guide gives you pointers on how to select the best pair of sunglasses

As the weather turns warmer, its turn to shop for the right pair of sunglasses. Shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays is crucial, as it averts any future eye problems such as cataract. The general price range for sunglasses falls between `1,800 and `2,500. Oversized sunglasses, Hipster shades, and colourful plastic sunglasses are the latest fashion amongst the youth.

But how do you go about selecting the right pair for you? The owner of Vision World in Camp, Mahesh Shah, says, “The latest trend suggests that women lean towards Rhinestone sunglasses and colourful plastic ones. Men, on the other hand, prefer the traditional Wayfarer and Aviators.”

When shopping for shades, the most important aspect is the lens. When you walk into a store, you will be showcased a plethora of different types of lens. Photochromatic sunglasses are a kind of sunglasses that adapt to the intensity of the UV rays. When in a bright environment, the sunglasses turn a shade darker protecting your eyes from the strong rays. This is a convenient option for those who wear spectacles.

For people who drive a lot, gradient lenses are ideal. These sunglasses promise to protect your eyes against overhead sunlight allowing light to pass through the bottom half, making it easier to see. Lately, there has been a lot of hype about polarised glasses which is not without reason as these sunglasses provide the wearer with a cooling effect.

It reduces the glare and is perfect for anyone who venture outdoors. Another popular choice is the UV400. The lenses come with UV400 protection and eliminate sunlight (up to 400 nm), which includes UVA and UVB rays. It acts as the perfect sunglass for all age groups.

Anjli Shah, who is a big fan of sunglasses, admits that trends determine her choice of sunglasses. “I buy whatever is the latest trend. I prefer the ones with UV protection as they prevent cataracts.” City-based student Aaryan P (17) admits that he prefers polarised Aviators as they go with every outfit.
At Gangar Eyenation, Shivaji Nagar; Vision World, Sachapir Street, Camp; Vedarya Creations, Kothrud. 

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