'Shadowgun: Deadzone' - Embark on a virtual shooting spree

Feb 03, 2014, 09:04 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Action-RPG fans can now test their shooting skills with the online game Shadowgun: Deadzone, available for free across devices

If you are looking for some free, quick-to-load shooter games, take a look at the Shadowgun: Deadzone from Madfinger Games. Available for Mac, PC as well as Android and iOS devices, the online action-Role Playing Game (RPG) allows you to compete with shooters across device platforms, including Facebook.

Shadowgun: Deadzone

There’s no story to follow and there’s not much support available for you in terms of location, etc. The game follows a simple rule; shoot as many opponents as possible to earn points. These points will help you rise up the ladder and unlock new arms, ammunitions, and game zones. You enter a zone with a time clock and you are required to spawn after every death. Once the time’s up, you are ranked as per your performance.

It’s not easy to play; the lack of support means that you are on your own and right when you are firing at an opponent, you could be hit by another from behind.

A character from the game

It can be a bit difficult to make your way though a game zone on a mobile device, largely because the co-ordination requires a great deal of concentration, and it is difficult to achieve that on a touch-screen phone or tablet. But it should be relatively easier to maneuver around using a mouse and keyboard. Though some may complain about the played-down goriness and violence, overall, it’s a great game to practise your shooting skills before you head for the
big ones.

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