Shah Rukh Khan lends a helping hand

Jun 29, 2012, 08:46 IST | Jigar Shah

On seeing the potential in a newcomer, SRK decided to help him fulfill his dream

How should one feel when Shah Rukh Khan decides to support you, and you are not even one film old.

Top of the world? Newbie Sahil Prem is exactly feeling the same. He had met Shah Rukh when he was shooting for RA.One in London. At that moment , Sahil was making a film on B-Boying a European dance form for Bollywood.

Sahil Prem

Sahil insisited that Shah Rukh see the rushes of the film, Shah Rukh obliged him. Sources close to SRK say, “After seeing the rushes Shah Rukh felt that the kind of film Sahil is making he should have the right equipments for the rest of the film. So Shah Rukh asked him to take the equipment from his crew. Sahil says, “I’m really blessed to have Shah Rukh’s hand guiding me.”

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