Shahid's putting triple the effort

May 17, 2012, 08:46 IST | Jigar Shah

Here's a peek into Shahid Kapoor's extensive workout regime and strict diet that helped sculpt his body for three distinct looks in 'Teri Meri Kahaani'

In Kunal Kohli’s next, Shahid Kapoor plays three different characters from different eras. His trainer Abbas Ali chalked out an exercise regime and strict diet plan for the actor to look his parts. Read more...

1910: The beefy look
Since people from that era were active and did everything manually, their physique was bulky. So, the duo worked on strength conditioning, which included doing heavy weights four times a week with very little or no cardio. Post workout, Shahid would have an energy drink
Food: Sasha’s diet would consist of high carbs like rotis, sweet potato, brown rice, oats , multi grain breads and pulses.

1960: Average built
Shahid continued with his basic regular training. For this part of the film, the actor is required to wear loose fitting shirts and baggy pants.
Food: He was on a simple diet of dal, sabzi and roti.

2012: The lean look
Shahid sports a casual, unassuming look. His workout comprised three to five kilometers jogs, once or twice a day. Also we would do functional training, which included free weights like pull ups, push-ups, skipping jumping, hopping, etc.
Food: His workout was so intense that Shahid was allowed to eat whatever he wanted, ranging from pizza to pasta, but in small portions. 

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