Shane Warne in run-in with cyclist

Jan 18, 2012, 09:05 IST | Agencies

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Spin king clashes with cyclist in road rage spat that prompts police report

Shane Warne says he has reported a road altercation with a cyclist to police just days after the cricket legend started calling for bikes to have to pay registration and use the roads more carefully.

Bike rage: Shane Warne said that the cyclist banged on the car of his
bonnet before pedalling away. File pic

Warne took to Twitter yesterday to give a detailed account, in more than a dozen tweets, of how a cyclist held on to his car to be pulled through traffic and then banged on his bonnet before cycling away.

The cyclist was lucky, Warne said, "that I was being polite and careful and the drivers around him otherwise if anyone decided to be an idiot then he was in real trouble."

Warne has been repeatedly calling on councils and government to introduce more regulation for cyclists on roads in the past week. "Please govt cn you do something about this situation."

He said "1 or 2" cyclists were "ruining it for everyone".

"Can we crack down on them and change the law please its to (sic) dangerous..." Warne said.

Clearly rattled by the incident, Warne said reckless bike riders on the road were "going to cause a riot soon".

He added that he was a supporter of fitness and bike riding, and that he waited until he got home to a computer to tweet about it.

His attack comes just days after Warne infuriated bike riders with a series of tweets calling for cyclists to face a ban if they don't ride single file.

Professional triathlete and six time Ironman champion Luke McKenzie accused the cricketer of inciting cyclist hatred.

Amy Gillett Foundation spokesman David Lee said it was disappointing to see Warne using his profile to inflame tensions between cyclists and drivers.

"Each road user group has a requirement to respect the rights of the other and inflaming the situation whether you are a cyclist or a driver, it doesn't help the issue," he said.

"We'd be really keen to get in touch with Shane through his management to try and help educate him a little further. His comments about riding single file for instance, many people don't realise that it is the legal right for a cyclist to ride two abreast."

Bicycle Network Victoria spokesperson Jason den Hollander said that Warne should be aware of the road rules, and obey them like all other road users.

"As a long time resident of Bayside, he should know the rules. We've been disappointed to see his recent calls for cyclists to ride in single file, as that isn't the law or the safest option," den Hollander said.

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