Sharman Joshi's lucky escape

May 15, 2013, 08:42 IST | Asira Tarannum

The actor miraculously escaped being hit by a train while shooting for a film

Sharman Joshi and some other actors were saved in the nick of the time on the sets of director Indra Kumar’s film.

Sharman Joshi

There was a scene where a few people were chasing the actor on the railway tracks. However, so busy was the crew in the filming the shot, that little did they know that there was a train scheduled to run on those tracks at that time. Director Indra Kumar recalls the incident with a shudder, “We were busy shooting and suddenly we heard some people shouting.

Sharman Joshi

We spotted the train hurtling towards Sharman and others on the track. We realised we are in trouble. We quickly started shouting for the actors to get off the track. We stopped the camera and started shouting get out of the track. Since it was a bit far we had to keep shouting till they could hear us. Thank God everyone was saved. God is kind.”

One may recall that a similar kind of incident had happened on the sets of Kaizad Gustad’s film and one of his assistant directors had lost her life.  

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