Sharman makes an egg and eats it too!

May 24, 2012, 08:40 IST | Jigar Shah

Sharman Joshi learns to whip up an omelette for his upcoming film 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'

Sharman Joshi confesses that he has zero knowledge about cooking. In fact, the only time he enters the kitchen is to taste his food.

The actor admits that when he was young, he didn’t even know how to crack an egg. However, for his role as a single dad in his upcoming film, he had to learn the tricks of cooking. The film portrays him as a man who does all the household work by himself. And he also makes dishes with eggs for his son to eat. But in real-life, the actor is least aware of the workings of the kitchen. 

To get his act right for the film, Sharman practiced cooking in his kitchen for five days straight. The actor says, “The shoot demanded me to make an egg-omelette and flip it over multiple times, like a professional chef. In my childhood, I didn’t even know how to break an egg for starters!” Sharman assures however that he got his omelette right in the very first take itself.  

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