Sharon Stone's 10 fitness mantras

May 06, 2014, 08:46 IST | Soma Das

Femme fatale Sharon Stone defies age with her stunning looks at 56. Here's how she does it

On May 16, Fading Gigolo starring Woody Allen, John Turturro, Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone will hit the  screens. The film, which marks Allen’s return as an actor after 14 years, explores the world of male escorts and finding love at an older age.

Sharon Stone
A still from the upcoming film, Fading Gigolo

Here, the 56-year-old Stone, looks stunning and shows off her curves in several scenes, including one where she sets the screen afire wearing just lingerie.

But such looks come only after years of maintaining her diet and following a strict exercise regime. Stone shares 10 of her fitness secrets:

>> Practising power yoga for overall fitness.
>> Staying off alcohol as it makes the face and mid-section bloat.
>> Experimenting with workouts so that the body doesn’t get accustomed to a certain kind of exercise.
>> Applying the saying, “Dance like no one’s watching.” Dance hard and dance till you sweat.
>> Doing pilates.
>> Doing weights for muscle toning. Don’t stay off weights, completely; it helps in the longer run for muscle toning.
>> Defining which area needs to be in motion. Every time you exercise, activate different part of the body that needs attention at that time.
>> Ensuring that you do full body stretches and strength training.
>> Making fitness a 24-hour thing. You can squeeze in a workout anywhere; for eg, standing leg lifts and circles in a tub using water as resistance.
>> Creating your own diet, one that suits your body.

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