She was all over me last night: Sid

May 19, 2012, 07:37 IST | Agencies

Sidhartha Mallya questioned the character of the victim who was allegedly molested by his team's Australian recruit; said the woman asked for his BBM pin

New Delhi: Royal Challengers Bangalore owner Sidhartha Mallya yesterday questioned the character of the woman who was allegedly molested by the team’s Australian recruit Luke Pomersbach, sparking outrage and exacerbating an already delicate situation.

Wake up sid! Sidhartha Mallya said Zohal Hameed wasn’t behaving like a ‘future wife’. The cyberworld was replete with tweets condemning Mallya Jr. Pics/Rajeev Tyagi

Mallya later lost his cool when asked about his tweets and misbehaved with the media while leaving a five-star hotel in the national capital. “The girl who is accusing Luke is saying he hit her ‘fiancé’...what a load of f****** s***. She was all over me last night and asked for my BBM pin, so if he was her fiancé she wasn’t exactly behaving like a future wife,” Sidhartha tweeted. “If Luke is in the wrong, then trust me he will face the necessary sanctions. But what this girl is doing is idiotic,” he added.

The cyberworld was later replete with tweets condemning Mallya (see box). Pomersbach was arrested and released on interim bail for a day on charges of molesting Zohal Hameed, an American woman, in a five-star hotel in the Capital and beating up her fiancé, Sahil Peerzada, who is in a hospital ICU.

Meanwhile, Vijay, senior Mallya, however, said that the Australian would not take part in the league any more. “We regret the incident that has happened. He will not play for us in the IPL. We will fully cooperate in the investigation,” said Mallya outside the parliament. Also, team mentor Anil Kumble said Royal Challengers was planning an internal inquiry into the incident.

“It is a very serious thing to have happened and we will certainly look into it. We are planning an internal inquiry into the matter,” said Kumble.
“It is an unfortunate incident. It is disappointing. RCB will certainly not play Luke henceforth and we will cooperate with those who are investigating the incident,” he added.Pomersbach earlier represented Kings XI Punjab in the IPL. He has not played a single game for the Royal Challengers this season.

Shameful incident
Luke Pomersbach is alleged to have molested the woman at a hotel. The player allegedly beat up her fiancé Sahil Peerzada when he tried to stop him. “The lady has complained that Pomersbach had molested her and after he had left the room he came back again and tried to force his entry,” Additional Commissioner of Police KC Dwivedi said.

Luke being produced in the Patiala House court

Giving details of the incident, the woman told a television channel that the incident happened when Pomersbach, along with some others, joined them for a drink. She also alleged that the hotel staff did not cooperate with her in calling the police.

Pomersbach was taken to a hospital for a medical checkup and was produced in the Patiala House court. Meanwhile, the doctors attending to Peerzada said that his condition was stable but he may suffer from hearing loss in his left ear.

>> So as per Sid Mallya, every woman flirting with you & asking for BB pin gives you a right to molest and assault her? Has he shifted to Delhi?
>> The reason why Sid Mallya is pissed with the girl because he actually gave his BB pin but she never pinged him.
>> Likes of Sid mallya or Luke Pomersbach deserve nothing less then a knock out punch from Mary Kom !
>> Way Sid Mallya spoke on TV, Twitter about a molestation victim proves that sometimes your dad’s billions can’t buy you education
>> In terms of Being an Idiot ... Sid Mallya > Vilasrao Deshmukh > Luke Pomersbach > Shah Rukh Khan
>> Poor Vijay Mallya, neither can he keep Kingfisher Airlines’ ‘fleet off the ground’, nor can he keep Sid Mallya’s ‘feet on the ground’.
>> I guess, according to Sid Mallya, a future wife should dress demurely at parties. Why? Because for her, every party is a Fiancee-Dress Party 

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